Year 6- this page is intended for the people who look after you- it gives them lots of information about year 5 and hopefully answers some common questions- please make sure they have seen it :)

Now updated for 2015/16

Firstly, a big Hello!

It’s a pleasure to be teaching year 6  this year, and I am looking forward to what I am sure will be an amazing year!   We have lots of super themes  and activities planned for a fun packed year!

This page is designed to introduce you to year 6 and answer some common questions.   Information for parents about this website and how we will be using it over the next year can be found here.

Getting in touch.

I am happy for you to contact me by the normal means at school,  please do get in touch to arrange an appointment to see me at any time.

A Classroom without walls!

I believe in having a ‘transparent’ classroom– I want parents and carers to be able to see what is going on in the wonderful world of Year 6 and to be involved as much as possible in their child’s education. acts as a portal for a variety of things and will help to virtually ‘open up’ our classroom, but you are also free to come in and see your child’s work at any time and/or meet with me- all I ask is that you try to make contact first to check it will be convenient (after school is often full of meetings and training etc!).

Working in Partnership.

I am keen to work in true partnership with parents and carers, so that together we can achieve the very best for your child.  I always strive to share as much information as possible with you, and to keep you informed.    Communication from home to schools is also really important- please do get in touch to let me know anything you feel is important and/or could affect your child at school.

It is also really useful if you could let me know if your child is upset about something at school- whilst I hope this will never be the case, it naturally does sometimes happen- however I may not be aware that your child has become upset at home about school, as children naturally do not always tell their teachers everything, and therefore am unable to help sort things out

‘Hard Fun’

Hard Fun  is exactly what we aim for in year 6.  We want the children to have LOTS of fun- and I am confident this will be the case (after all, I want to have fun every day at work!).  However, we also want to constantly challenge and extend each child- meaning that hopefully children frequently  report it was ‘hard work’– if the work is not ‘hard‘ then children are not being challenged or learning- but this does not mean the work is too hard- and if this appears to be the case, please do get in touch.

I hope this helps answer some of the common questions and concerns about a new year group!

As always,  please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns!

I look forward to working together with you over the next year,

Mr Handley :)