This week- starting 5th October

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are having a good weekend, and that you enjoyed our fab week of learning last week- especially Hetty Feather and our Science day!

Here is the weekly overview of our learning adventures over the next week :-)

Don’t forget…

  • We are having a major focus on READING this week- please bring in your favourite book on Monday (and hopefully be ok to leave it in your tray for this week)  plus  a book for you to read during the week at school (which you can take home each day).    I will also be talking about how much you should be reading at home, and why reading is so important :-)
  • To return any Halloween disco forms/money if you haven’t already.
  • To sign up to class do jo using the info in the letter you got a couple of weeks ago if you haven’t already.
  • To think about what our next core value- #alwayslearning means- we’ll be talking about this on Monday during our class assembly.

This week in Maths…

We will be continuing to look at multiplication – by the end of the week all of you will be secure at using the formal written method for multiplication and will be able to do so fluently.   Most of you will also get to experience some great reasoning and thinking challenges too :-)

This week in English…

We are going to start our 3 week focus on persuasion :-)   We are going to kick start this by looking at the ways adverts persuade you to buy/do something- we’ll be exploring the language and structure, before writing your own print advert for Hetty Feather.   So, one of the best things you can do this weekend to help you prepare for this is to watch TV and pay attention to the adverts :-)

This week in the afternoon..

We’ll be exploring our theme of victorian childhood, largely through some great Hetty Feather linked drama activities.   We’ll also be taking on the fourth mission in our science adventures.

Boost starts this week…

In the afternoons, some of you will be having ‘boost’ sessions- these are designed to help you secure your super knowledge and/or boost your confidence-  these will focus on Maths, Reading and Grammar initially.   This  means that sometimes you may not be part of all of our topic/theme sessions- but you won’t miss them all!   I’ll explain more on Monday!

Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday for our exciting adventures :-)

Mr H :-)