This week- starting 19th October

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are having a fab weekend?

I can’t believe it’s the last week of the half term next week- I think we’ve had a great start to Year 6, and I hope you agree and have enjoyed the past 7 weeks?

Here is your handy guide to what our learning adventures are going to be over the next week!

Don’t forget…

  • We are at school until Friday-  some schools have training days later on this week- but we don’t (don’t worry- you get the same number of days off, but in different places- for example you had an extra day off at the end of your summer break etc!)
  • The Halloween Disco is on Friday- I hope to see lots of you there :-)
  • To have your PE kit with you each day.
  • That your home learning each week is reading, timetables and spellings.
  • Phill is back in on Monday to lead a follow up workshop to his assembly last week.  This means we will have our English in the afternoon on Monday.
  • A slightly new timetable starts this week- I’ll explain the changes on Monday.  We will also be starting a new program of Boosts, and have a new Grammar Buzz session each day.
  • To post on this website- you have an audience waiting to read what you write :-)   I’m sure Sam from our on-line fled trip would comment on some posts if you were to write a post about the on-line filed trip and what you learnt/enjoyed etc :-)

This week in English…

We are finishing our work on persuasion by looking at how we can write fabulous persuasive letters.  This includes a lesson on arguing on Monday!

This week in Maths…

We are going to have one final day to secure your delightful division skills- some of you will be applying these to some brain bending problems :-)   Then, we are going to have a bit of a brain break from calculations and look at some geometry (shape) work.

This starts with a very special and top secret lesson on Tuesday, which I am really excited about… it involves the lights being off  and the two word clue below (just fill in the liens with letters!)

__ L __ W / __ __ __ __ S

This week in the afternoons…

We will be finishing off our science work on classification, and also exploring word classes in our grammar buzz!

See you all on Monday!

Mr H :-)