This Week- starting 12th October

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are all having a great weekend?

I hope you liked some of the changes to our classroom that you will have discovered when you arrived on Friday!  This is just ‘phase 1’- we have a few more changes to come over the next few weeks!

Don’t forget..

  • To return your permission slip for our exciting Fragrant Spices on-line field trip, which we are taking part in (from the comfort of our classroom) on Thursday.   This is a great opportunity and we are due to receive lots of ‘goodies’ from Tesco to help us experience the trip- including a great t-shirt based activity and some lovely cooking activities!   But without the permission slip you can’t take part :-(
  • I am out of school on Monday- as I am on a course with Miss Sinclair.   However, Mr C will be teaching you, so I know you will have a great day.
  • It is an assessment week this week-  please do not panic!  You will have your reading assessment on Monday,  your Grammar and Spelling assessment on Wednesday and your Maths assessment on Friday.   I know you will all do amazingly well and show great improvements from your last assessment, which was 4 weeks ago.

This week in English…

We will be continuing our look at persuasive language, and will be focusing on persuasive speeches.   This will start on Monday with a look at the difference between formal and informal language, before on Tuesday exploring a fun TV show and preparing to ‘take part’ in it!

This week in Maths…

We will be looking at division- we’ll be exploring how division can be represented, what it actually means and why our written methods for division actually work.   Be prepared for some ‘mind changing’ moments- but it should be great fun!

This week in the afternoons…

We will be focusing on working together as a team, as well as our spice related activities.  We’ll also be continuing to look at all things related to Victorian England and Hetty Feather.

Of course, our Blitz and ‘Groovy Grammar’  (I’m going to add some extra fun to our daily Grammar sessions!) sessions will continue in the afternoons.   Our BOOST program will also continue for those of your who we are giving an extra ‘boost’ to during the afternoons :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend, and I’ll see you on Tuesday (but look forward to hearing about all of your super learning on Monday when I get back to school in the late afternoon!)

Mr H :-)