Hetty Feathers Exquisite Adventure- Review by Scarlett.

Hetty Feather is a fiery,red haired girl who is left at a foundling hospital.She has a wide imagination and wants to discover everything. Hetty  is played by the amazing Phoebe Thomas who is a phenomenal actor.

Hetty Feather isn’t her real name.She remembers everything from her childhood but there’s only one thing she doesn’t and that is her real name. Hetty has beautiful blue eyes just like her mother and has red hair just like her father.She thought her mum had red hair and blue eyes but she soon discovered that her dad had red hair and not her mother. Hetty thought her name was a type of blue like: Sapphire,Vivid,Skye,Azure,Royal and/or Forget me not(that one not so much.)

I liked all of the play because all off it was really good and the actors act like real Victorians.  Phoebe Thomas is really energetic!  All of the actors show our school’s four core values of:High Expectations,No Excuses,Always Learning and Positivity.

In the performance Hetty gets a foster brother and mother and they get taken to a new house and Hetty thought it was her new home.She had two older brother’s there and they were Soul and Jem. Jem was always nice to Hetty and Giddien (her foster brother) whereas Soul didn’t want to know anything about them.Soon Soul got to know Hetty’s true colours.

This was  performed at Norwhich Theatre Royal and is two hours and ten minutes long.

Watch the amazing performance to find out more secrets and facts about Hetty Feather’s life story.

By Scarlett