Candland part four by Scarlett

And that plan was…

Alfred was going to make himself look like a completely different person.He was going to do this by making himself look younger and he was going to make himself act evil.Then he would apply for a job for Damien,listen to all his plans,tell all the other gummy bears and put a stop to his despicable plans.

It was now seven o clock in the morning and Alfred was just about to leave the village when he heard a noise.Quick as a flash he ran like the wind to Damien’s despicable palace without looking back.When he got there he made sure he didn’t look like himself. “I’ll be fine” he thought to himself as he entered the gargantion palace.Inside it was like something out of an evil story book. He quickly found Damien’s office and gently tapped on the door.Somebody answered.It was Damien himself.

He was wearing a black and red cape with the letters DD on the back because his name was Damien Dast.As Alfred entered the office he got sweaty very quickly.Damien told him to sit down and tell him why he was here.Alfred finally  finished telling him and Damien told him to fill in the application form.He did.

He was told to come in tomorrow and Alfred said “ok”.He decided to keep his secret to himself.

When he got back to the village he made himself look like his real self and he was just in time to get up with all the other bears.The noise never occured Alfred’s mind,but it did occur somebody else’s.

That person was…

By Scarlett