This Week- Starting 28th September

Hi Year 6!

I hope you are all having a great weekend?

Here is what we have in store on our learning adventures this week :-)

Don’t forget..

  • We are off to see Hetty Feather on Wednesday!  All the arrangements were in the letter you took home on Friday.   It should be a great day out, and don’t forget we’ve got front row seats and a chance to ask questions to the cast afterwards :-)    Please don’t forget to return the remainder of the £14 (if you haven’t paid it all yet) by Tuesday.
  • You and your parents are invited to the Key Stage 2 information evening on Tuesday, at 5:30pm.  Your adults will hear about some of the changes we have made this year, and more about what we have in store for you this week.
  • You have PE on Friday- but that you should have your PE kit with you every day.
  • To sign up for Class DoJo using the details you took home on Friday.   It’s great to see some of you already changing the look of your monsters!   Please also encourage your adults to sign up too, so that they can get lovely messages about you :-)
  • To keep commenting and posting on this website- it’s great to see all of your super posts and comments :-)

This week, we have a special SCIENCE day on Tuesday-  I’m not going to reveal any more details about this, as it’ll ruin the surprise, but we’ll be doing science based activities all day :-)

This week in English:-

On Monday, we will be having a grammar focus, looking at Determiners.

On Thursday and Friday, we will be looking at how we write reviews, and you’ll be using these skills to write a super review of Hetty Feather.

This week in Maths:-

We are shifting our focus to Multiplication.  On Monday, you will be taking part in an interesting activity looking at what multiplication actually means, and how arrays can be used.   On Thursday we have your first ‘giant maths’ challenge, and then on Friday you’ll be exploring how we can make multiplication of ‘large’ numbers really simple using our new-found understanding of arrays.

This week in the afternoons:-

On Monday, you will be completing the second part of our portraits/all about me activity.

On Thursday we will be kick-starting our new theme, looking at a child’s life in Victorian times.

Our focus times table of the week is:- our 12 times table.

I hope you agree we have an exciting week of learning ahead!

See you all on Monday!

Mr H :-)