Suspense story by Kiera

The bright sun set as the moon rose in the foggy sky.Dragons started to roar.But the noise vanished.Pandora stood still.A dragon roared like a blood thirsty tiger.Blood dripped down the dragon’s mouth. Nothing was seen but 1…a dragon. The jungle shook. The dragon roared. The humans screamed. Nothing was heard after that. Footsteps approached. A knife was dropped.

A human screamed. A river waved to a man in black. No one heard the terrifying screams of a dragon. Everyone woke up in a flash and rushed out there homes. To find a emerald dragon laying on the floor.

groaning in pain. Everything stopped and waited. Will the dragon survive?Will he stay with the Navie? Will they save him?groaning in pain they saw a red knife and pulled it out. Then they all vanished in a cloud of dust…??