Number THIRTEEN! By Mollie

The young postman walked cautiously up the garden path towards house number Thirteen! Because everyone knows number Thirteen is unlucky for some. He banged on the door ‘KNOCK!  KNOCK!  KNOCK!’ The post man stood waiting and as he was about to give up and move onto the next house, the door slowly creaked open. Then all of a sudden a hand reached out and GRABBED him!!! Once inside nothing was to be seen except from dark shadows and gloomy mist! He looked around at the dusty house and then something caught his eye! It was a human shape but a very strange human shape as it it was curled up on the floor.He stared at the shadow figure but decided not to wake it so he carried on exploring because he wanted to know who or WHAT grabbed him.

The postman had been wondering for 2 hours now, when he came across the same shape as before! “That looks familiar!” he thought. So this time he walked up to it and stared it in the face.He recognized the face as it was the missing person on the front cover of the paper! They stood up and a light shone it was the exit! The next week everything was back to normal.

But the hand was never found!!!