My script – Ethan

Ethan and Dad sitting on the sofa in the front room medium shot.

Ethan: Dad can we go to the park to play football.

Dad: ok get your football and your boots.

Ethan puts on his football boots close up.

Ethan: I’ve got my boots but I cant find my football.

Dad: have you looked in the shed.

EthanĀ  shakes his head.

Ethan: its not in there.

Dad: have you checked inĀ  the garage.

Ethan: its not in there.

Dad: here it is.

Ethan: where.

Dad: in the bush in the corner of the garden.

Ethan: I didnt check there.

Dad: now we have ever thing lets go.

Ethan: I need the toilet.

Dad: hurry up it will be dark.

Ethan: I cant be bothered to go.

Dad: ok we can go tomorrow.