mars- by Lily F

Mars is the hottest planet there is because it is the closest to the sun.Meany Planets move a little bit quick because they are close to the Sun so you would expect it to be hotter than you’re planet probably is.You would not go there.The tempriter is  20*c.People think that it is mostly hot because sometime on spectacular days.It may look like other planets go in front of the sun but nothing does.You may find that some stars move each night but they are actually Mars and Venus.If you don’t get what i mean read this part for   the part highlighted in light blue!!=-)Say you had two snails.One would move quicker than the other.(say that min=day)One snail moves quicker every min so the fastest one is Mars and the slowest one is Venus.NOW do you know what i mean guys ;-)So now you know all about mars you would probably would maybe use this in other work now

BUT!!! There is one more thing i need to do!!.