Jun 13 2011

10 facts about tudors.

1.The tudors started by Henry Tudor defeated king richard the third at the battle of bosworth field witch started the house of tudor
2.five-three kings and two queens ruled the tudors.
3.The tudors are one of the most famous familys to rule england.
4.The tudors where some of the most colourful people in history.
5. Some of the most talented men lived in this time.
6.The tudors ruled england from 1485 until 1603
7.Not many children got to go to school.(cant aford it).
8.boys were educated for work and girls for marrige and the house hold.
9.boys wore girls clothes until they were nine years old and then the can dress like adults and act like them.
10.At tudor schools pupils hade to speak in latin

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  1. Florence

    Well done Jessica B :)

  2. Fiona

    It is my birthday i got a new phone.

    1. mrhandley

      A new phone-wow! What phone did you get?
      I bet you are very excited and have been up opening presents for ages?!
      I hope you have an ace party today!
      Mr H

    2. Florence2011

      Happy birthday Fiona :)
      I enjoyed your party :)

      Have a great day :)

    3. Florence2011

      Cool Fi :), sounds really cool :).

  3. fiona

    Thanks Mr H, it’s a hot pink nokia C3, and I am so excited!
    I woke my mum up at 5 O’ clock :-)

    1. mrhandley

      That sounds very cool (for a girl obviously -don’t think i’d like a hot pink phone! ;-) )
      5 o clock?! That is very early! I bet you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day!
      Mr H

  4. joking jess :) :*

    cool tuders

  5. evie


  6. Curious Christy

    Great Facts! It helped a lot with my History Homework! Lol
    Let’s just hope my (maybe mentally strict ill) teacher doesn’t find out I used this web to help me. ;)

  7. Benyapha

    I’m learning about tuder in school now

  8. bella

    it help me with my home work



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